Mason's Story


Mason Ferrulli is a 12-year-old boy that has been battling brain cancer (Ependymoma) for over 2 years. In October 2016, Mason began complaining of minor headaches. The frequency and intensity of those headaches increased throughout November and December. Mason also started feeling dizzy, nauseous, and experienced intense daily vomiting. Mason was taken to numerous doctor appointments with no answers. On January 10 th , 2017 we brought Mason back into the doctor because he was constantly throwing up, couldn’t walk, his headaches were unmanageable, and half of his face went numb. After a CT scan it was discovered that Mason had a brain tumor and was rushed to UCSF Benioff in San Francisco that night.

On January 11 th , 2017 we were told the devastating news that Mason had brain cancer. He was rushed into surgery on January 13 th , and spent 14 hours in the operating room. The doctors were able to remove the whole tumor and we were so relieved. When Mason woke up, he could not swallow, sit up, talk, stand, and was unaware of his surroundings. He remained in the hospital for 5 weeks to complete intensive rehabilitation. Mason also started radiation treatments and completed 33 rounds to the brain. In May 2017 Mason was declared No Evidence of Disease (NED).

Mason continued quarterly routine scans. In April 2018 it was discovered that a tumor had re-grown. He had gamma knife surgery in May 2018. He continues routine scans every 3 months and the tumor has remained the same until March 2019 where it was noticed that it had grown and a new spot was detected.

Mason has been through more needles, pain, suffering, and heartache than most adults, however, he continues to remain positive and live life to the fullest. Mason has shown incredible strength and determination throughout his battle with Cancer. He is tired, but he is not giving up! We will continue to fight beside him and do anything possible to hear the words “No Evidence of Disease” again!!


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